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12 Steps Unlocked is a resource to open up what the 12 Step Program is all about. Also Available for Audio on the Steps for free on this site. This book is available at Amazon books.

12 Step Resources for the Alcoholic/Addict and Treatment Programs

Addiction 12 Step Treatment Resources Online 12 Step Resources

12 Step Game Instructional Video

This is an entire Online 12 Step recovery resource guide for Addictions and Alcoholism.  Free 12 Step Worksheets &  Audio tapes on the Twelve Steps, AA and NA Daily Meditations, 12 Step Meeting locator and Educational Videos on recovery.  This is an online 12 Step resource for anyone wanting to practice the 12 Step Program.  Beginners have access to a Treatment Plan above. Through this process individuals increase their self esteem and can see the difference in their lives.   Providing 12 Step Resources and encouraging treatment programs in using 12 Step Model treatment.

Also home of the " 12 Step Game"  and the book "12  Steps Unlocked. "

" 12 Step Game"  A Board Game  that offers the recovering person a fun tool and interactive experience. 

Hazelden/Betty Ford review  " It's a cool game."

You earn serenity points and loose some, all aspects of 12 Step recovery are in this game. See link above.

  This is an Addiction 12 Step Treatment Resources online 12 step resources.