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12 step meetings provide solutions  for alcoholism addiction and drug rehab. If you are an addicted person, by standards of recovery you are an alcoholic even if you never have demonstrated a loss of control in drinking.s just the protocol . Alcoholics participating in AA meetings, prior to N.A. in NA it was frowned upon to call your continued abstinence sobriety, they recognize the term recovery.  Most AA meetings refer to continued abstinence of alcohol and mood altering substances that you abused as sobriety.  Every twelve step meeting is different, even though all twelve step meetings follow twelve traditions.  There are different personalities different instructions event group conscience. alcoholism  and addiction and drug rehab are the answers for recovery. alcoholism and addiction for 12 step meetings. 12 step meetings for alcoholism and addiction.  alcoholism 12 step meetings for addiction.  12 step meetings for addiction and alcoholism. alcoholism 12 step meetings and dealing with addiction.  addiction 12 step meetings dealing with alcoholism.