​The entire work-study offers CEU 32 hours for $50.00, that has been accredited by ACCBO an ICRC Certification Board of Oregon.  These materials have been authorized for providing CEU credits to any ICRC accreditation of addiction treatment providers which encompasses 48 States.

This manuscript unveils 3 distinctive patterns of addiction that have been overlooked, which will be reviewed in depth with a solid plan for recovery.  These patterns follow the similar characteristics identified in Post-Traumatic Stress, being the fight, freeze, or flee survival defense mechanisms.  It is understandable that the addict/alcoholic sees these defense mechanisms as survival defenses, defending their substance use and abuse.  The fight, being the offender/controller, the freeze being the victim and the flee being the isolator.  The first 50 pages show an overview of how these patterns occur in the alcoholic/addicts life.  Another section of the book identifies how 12 Step methodology can be used in context to reviewing thought patterns for these addicted individuals. The last half of the book reviews the culture of 12 Step programs which assist to aid the alcoholic/addict in sustaining recovery.

The worksheets are accessible on the web site and provided on the CEU Study Course.  After reading the book and completing the 50 multiple choice test in the training course with a minimum 70 percent score, don't worry. If you don't pass you will be given other opportunities to take the test again.  The second part of the training course encompasses filling out all 14 worksheets, you will not be requested to provide your answers, but you will be asked to provide a minimum of a forty-word description of what that experience was like and if it would benefit your clients.  Once completed, you will be provided a completion certificate for 32 CEU hours.

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Addiction Treatment Guide  CEU Work Study