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Examine all aspects of 12 Step Recovery through this remarkable board game. 

The game board is 18" x 18"  and can be played with recovering friends around a table using the spinner to determine points,  or hung on a white board and clients play with in a group setting.  Clients work on their recovery through various aspects of 12 Step Recovery.  ( In 1993 the AA symbol of the "circle and triangle"  came out of copyright, which are used on recovery based materials such as manufacturing 12 Step Medallions and other items around the world.)

Up to 3 to 8 people can play the game  as either a game board on a table or up on a white board and game can be played with either spinner or dice. 

The game can last 1-3 hrs. (Allowing players to have option to play the game, those who wish not to play will learn by observing).

Serenity Point Score Card  is used as a gauge to determine security of staying sober in this game.  At the beginning of the game a person is awarded 150 Serenity Points as a grace of motivation to seek recovery. To determine the amount of serenity received or subtracted from an event, the client spins the arrow on the game board multiplied by 10 to see what was benefited or lost, due to the event from 10 to 120 Serenity Points. (Using a set of dice in a group setting has the same results as spinning the arrow).   For example, land on meeting and read the meeting card which will explain what you benefited from the meeting, (with some meetings you may walk away with 20 or 30 serenity points).  It was okay, yet other meetings you benefited from greatly getting 90 or more serenity points, just like in real life.

1.The outer ring of the game board represents the client being in Treatment for addictions and addressing some aspects that compliment 12 Step recovery, such as Family Work, Cognitive Behavioral "Thinking Errors" and Relapse Prevention along with the traditional resources of 12 Step participation in outside 12 Step meetings.

2. The middle ring of the game board represents clients living in their home environment attending outside 12 Steps meetings and working with a Sponsor. The person is not in treatment.

3. The inner ring of the game board represents incarceration in either County Jails, or Prison, attending 12 Step meetings when available.

There are more possibilities in increasing Serenity Points toward the outer rings, and more risk of loosing Serenity Points through natural consequences toward the inner rings.

Starting the game player spins to see where they begin on the game board.  For example, if the arrow shows the person starting out in treatment as shown in game diagram, they would engage in treatment in the orange ring. If the arrow showed either home or jail they would begin there.  Clients stay in treatment or jail for three turns and then return to home environment. Other circumstances can change in the game to end back in treatment or jail.

Clients address specific issues surrounding recovery through landing on a tile.

1. Consequences cards are natural consequences that happen in recovery which cause stress, decreasing Serenity Points.

2. Meeting cards present benefits of attending 12 Step meetings  which determines Serenity Points added to your recovery.

3. Sponsor cards present benefits of having a sponsor which increase Serenity Points.

4. Legal issues cards are natural consequences that occur in early recovery that cause a decrease in Serenity Points.

(Additional cards are included to have the group make up their own, giving the clients an investment into the game.)

If a client runs out of Serenity Points they relapse and face the decision to deal with re-entering recovery, restarting in treatment with 150 Serenity Points as the grace of personal motivation to seek recovery again.   This gives clients the opportunity to face the real possibilities of relapse. 

This is a fun interactive process that offers clients insight into the strengths that 12 Step recovery has to offer.  The components of this 12 STEP GAME  are working the Steps, working on character defects, working with a sponsor, service work, meetings and the fellowship to combat the consequences of addictions. Often the players is have fun determining who has the most Serenity Point Score was at the end of the game.

12 Step Game for Recovering Addicts

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