Step Two: Came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.

Step Two takes people to the next task at hand in building trust in their relationships with the outside world. It prepares them to embark on this journey to trust someone or something outside of themselves in order to break through the chaos and isolation of addiction.  That simply put, is the Second Step:  "Becoming part of something greater than ourselves." I believe the word greater," in this context, means that my life is in transition through my thoughts and experiences on a daily basis.  If I am able to incorporate others' experiences into something new, then my life transitions into something greater, or different. Addiction treatment guide recognizes steps as a mental health resources.

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 12 steps.  from 12 steps is step . step 2 prepares the way for continued recovery in the 12 steps. 12 steps has  part of 12 teps.  12 steps is part of step.  12 steps and step 2 of part of recovery.

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