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​Step 3 Worksheet

Step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

Step Two was preparation in developing the attitude of coming to believe in something greater than ourselves. Step Three is an action Step, a demonstration of our actions in building relationships, both with others and a loving God or Higher Power.  This Step is essential for building a long lasting connection with others and our Higher Power.  Carrying the load of our life experience without the connection and reassurance of others has been a burden of addiction.  That isolation is broken like a drop of water joining into a beautiful lake.  We start this journey by saying the words and then our actions demonstrate our commitment to change.  This is a Step of action that un-folds beneath our feet leaving footprints, showing us that we are on a new path.  This revelation of change redefines who we are becoming.  We leave behind the chaos of control in everything around our lives and step forward into our unknown potential.  Belief that the added resources of others and God/Higher Power to accomplish the task renders us vulnerable, similar in trusting the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and medical team to watch over us when we are not able to.  We take the opposite physical reactions instead of being tense and with holding, we relax and let go.  Addiction Treatment Guide recognizes the steps as a mental health counseling resource.