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Step 4 Worksheet

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Step 4: Made a searching fearless moral inventory

In the reckoning of ourselves, we come to a place where we need to be aware of what impact our actions have had on others. Our substance abuse was the outside layer while the core of our addiction remained below the surface. We have to see the full impact that our addictions had on our lives. I stress the importance of doing the Step Four, because without taking this Step an analogy might be buying a car with a faulty engine. What keeps our recovery working is gaining a clear perspective of what our life experience has created in our lives. When we look in a mirror the image we see is what we would like to believe about ourselves. A rigorously honest view of our actions gives us the tools that will sustain this new vehicle of recovery in our lives for years to come.

We become willing to bring light to the darkened halls of our past. We have hid in our addictions and pushed responsibility for our action back into the closets of our mind.  We need to bring light to these experiences through pen to paper.