Step 5 Worksheet

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​Step 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

So we have completed our Fourth Step and have it in hand ready to present to our sponsor, counselor, clergy or other. To verbally present it takes a lot of effort.  We have just written an honest and thorough inventory of our live's actions and we may be prone to hesitate. 

The Same and isolation of our addictions told us that we were different from others in our core beliefs about ourselves.  In the Fourth Step we take action by sharing this with another person and god as we understand Him.  this reference positions us to share a very personal element of who we are with the outside world.

We usually took parts of our past experience and shared it with people who are prone to co-sign our previous addictive behaviors, which kept us from making personal change.  This is an effort to share the most sensitive and vulnerable information about ourselves with another person.  We are at the edge of a cliff, not being able to see what the outcome will be.  this is a firming up our position in taking the concepts of recovery and putting them into action.  In proceeding with this Step we are continuing the effort from the previous Steps in trusting something outside of ourselves.