Step 6 Worksheet

is the essence of change in the 12 step program. the 12 step  program answer for change . Step 6 in 12 steps.  step 6 is working 12 steps.  12 steps is working . step 6 part of 12 steps.12 steps part of step 12 steps 

Step 6: Were entirely ready to have god remove all these defects of character.

Step 6 is a preparation Step, giving us awareness of our character defects.  Similar to when any of us have went out and bought a car, how often over the next few months do we notice that same car being driven on the road?  Character defects are defense mechanism, which add to our denial of addiction.  They are an integral part of layers of imprisonment that has alienated us from our relationships. By becoming aware of what the behaviors have taken from us, we set the stage for creating an attitude and motivation for change.  Awareness is the first step to this new design for living.  What the character defect has cost us is always the same.  It left us alone and isolated.