Step 8 Worksheet

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Step 8: Made a list of persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all

Step Eight has you make a list of those we had harmed. The word harmed refers to any damage done to a person. This may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual abuse. I have to recognize that my actions, or lack of, mayhave invoked a response from another person. My responsibility lies where my character defects have caused damage to others or myself. Whatever my excuses were for doing it doesn't matter, it was my actions that caused the damage.  Indirectly or directly any time someone was hurt due to my actions, I am responsible.

Most of us have told our loved ones whom we have hurt, " I am sorry" a hundred times, and they were empty words while we were acting out of our addictions.  Another part of this Step is preparation for action in "willingness to make amends to them all.  Many of us were living in a way that we would never have to be acountable for change.  This was done through our offender behaviors as result of our actions or lack of, and others were hurt, being victimized and not knowing a way out, or through isolating behavior by not being available.  We have the opportunity to close a chapter in our lives that has been lurking in the dark confines of our minds.  With the support of our sponsors, counselors, or mentors in recovery we are prepared to make this inventory.