Step 9 Worksheet

 Step 9: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible,  except to do so would injure them or others.


We are faced with fear usually in our first few steps of embarking on this effort.  We have made tremendous and miraculous changes as a result of the work we have done before this.  The work we have done previously has set the stage for our actions in Step Nine.  in Step Four and Five we took a comprehensive look at our lives and shared everything with one human being.  In Step Six and Seven we halted our destructive path of our character defects and opened the doorway to unconditional relationships with others.  This paves the way for working skills of practicing humility in our relationships with others. We now approach our actions of working Step Nine with the spiritual principles we have learned.  In working the Steps we have found humility, honest and sincerity. We are at this phase of our recovery to make direct amends, not because we are told to, but because we see in our hearts that our obligation to make things right is at hand.

We approach this Step in the beginning of each amends with asking for guidance and strength from our loving God, in how He may portray Himself in our lives. Remember, the first word in the First Step is "We" having at our disposal our sponsor, counselors, and others in Twelve Step recovery. We work on each amends individually so that we may prepare for taking action in this Step. Bouncing off what our plans of amends are to our sponsor, counselor, mentors in recovery, we find encouragement and guidance.  It is important to use someone else's judgment in monitoring our progress here because often we loose perspective.