Step 7 Worksheet

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​Step 7: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Step Six prepared us for the attitude of awareness and being teachable in our lives. Step Seven then unfolds into the next action Step.  The Seventh Step points directly to our concept of God and says "humbly asked God to remove these shortcomings. We are in a place of motivation towards change in our lives through all the work that we have done up to now.  Our image we have gotten so familiar with in addiction has pretty much been the same; in control or out of control we remained the same.  In recovery we see that our lives and relationships are changing.  We we are changing into is the unknown and we rely upon guidance from our Higher Power.

Once I am on the path to personal change, I get the point that I call a "superconscious state of awareness.  This means I am in the moment right before I react with a character defect which I am trying to change.  I either take another action which is based from my character assets or I don't take that action at all.  This is a personal choice we have, in living in the here and now.  In those moments when we are deciding not to allow our character defect to take over, we are adding to our continued experience in helping ourselves create a different direction in our lives.